After a month of doubt i finally bought these babies!

Im so in love


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My mother is a nomad from Africa
My father is black from Curacao
My brother has a black skin colour
I am white

Why do people still look at skin colour.

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It’s funny how you can easily forget that someone actually knows you very well after ten years..

no-bodyhere knows me so well that she even knows ahead that I wanted to spoil a moment we had. She actually managed to type faster than I did to tell me not to spoil it. 

Truly the sister I need.

Also the comment on how I’d be my own Judge, Jury and Executioner if I ever slept with a person who was to intoxicated. You know me way too well..

Mah brother from another mother


I was a hairmodel today and i’m very pleased with what she’s done.


People actually give bunnies and baby chicks as presents on Easter?????????


Vee and Sam

Tonight i’ll be able to fix those things.
Sorry it took so long.

for those who are interested

here’s my new blog